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Thursday, December 30, 2004

One last sign of the times before the year is out - this comes from Atrios, but I felt like linking it myself. The last right-wing comment is scary until the end, when it gets funny all of a sudden. It actually reminds me of when Poppy was talking about getting shot down in World War Two, and thinking of God, and then suddenly he got frightened that maybe he was being a little too religious so he just suddenly blurted "and separation of church and state."

This guy is actually being very open and honest (if not particularly articulate) about how the far right feels about George Bush's electoral victory, but suddenly at the end he gets a little squeamish and has to throw in a little qualifier. Humorous.

Here's the article from E&P.

And the quote:

The Patriot Act will put both of you (Neuharth and Mitchell) on trial for treason and convict and execute both of you as traitors for running these stories in a time of war and it should be done on TV for other communist traitors like you two to know we mean business. This is war and you should be put in prison NOW for talking like this. Who the hell do you people think you are? You give aid and comfort to our enemies and aid them in murdering our proud soldiers. You people are a disgrace to America. Your families should be put in prison with you, then be made to leave and move to the Middle East ...This is a great Christian nation and god wants us to lead the world out of darkness with great leaders like President George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Communists like Al and Greg will soon be in prison and on death row for your ugly papers. We won the election and now you are mad. We own America and all the rights, you people are trash, go back to Russia and Africa and take your friends with before we put you on death row after a fair trial.

The emphasis is, of course, mine. Happy New Year.


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