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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Dur-bin! Dur-bin! Dur-bin! Dick Durbin for Senate Minority Leader! Yeah!

Seriously, I love Dick Durbin. If he becomes Minority Leader, this will all be worth it. OK, not really, but it would be a step in the right direction.

OK, my period of mourning if officially over at 1:14 EST on Wednesday, November 3rd. Bush was the president yesterday. He's the president today. Bush was a blueblooded cowboy simpleton yesterday. He's a blueblooded cowboy simpleton today.

Though there are some problems with Vampire Elf's Clinton analogy, namely that Clinton did NOT start a crazy war for no reason with no earthly idea how to get out of it, I agree with his overall point. I'm glad Vampire Elf didn't abandon our country as it was ravaged by Clinton's maniacal balancing of the federal budget or his foolhardy international statesmanship, and I don't really have much desire to abandon America to Bush's nuclear brinksmanship or his faith-based war on personal freedoms.

Look deep and I think you'll see, as I have, that a lot of your depression today stems from the POSITIVE beliefs you had about what the John Kerry years were going to be like. I say, better to have all those hopes dashed all at once than over the course of four or eight years, stealing little bits of your soul so slowly that you hardly noticed, until you were finally left a pitiful, jaded shell of a human being.

Also, maybe the little piece of my heart that was ripped out last night will fall into a vat of molten Cesium and regenerate into a nine-foot barbarian Superdemocrat who will rampage through DC, leaving the eviscerated husk of the GOP in his wake.

Can I be held liable for that damage? Lawyerly readers, please weigh in.


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