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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Another Iraq tidbit from Iraq Coalition Casualties - the three bloodiest weeks of the Iraq War are as follows:

#3 - 56 U.S. soldiers were killed the week of 3/23/03 to 3/29/03.
#2 - 65 U.S. soldiers were killed the week of 4/4/04 to 4/10/04.
#1 - 65+ U.S. soldiers were killed the week of 11/7/04 to 11/13/04 (the number is likely to be increased by a few in the next few days as information is tabulated about eh Fallujah assault.)

That's right, the bloodiest week of the Iraq war (in terms of U.S. deaths) was last week.

There weren't enough troops in country last April, when basically uncoordinated violence erupted among radical Islamic Shiites in the Iraqi South. Now the war is escalating; a coordinated, well-financed and cohesive counterinvasion force has been raised, and is currently sweeping into the north of the country, where until now we have maintained extremely low troop levels.

The active duty military is already deployed. The reserves are already deployed. The National Guard is already deployed. Yet we clearly need more bodies. Where, oh where, shall we get them?

To bite Andre Benjamin (later Andre 3000), at first the cost of war is borne by Hispanic communities and blacks. But then it spreads to whites and gets everyone's undivided attention, 'cause your son is up in it and they can't find him...


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