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Monday, October 04, 2004

Well, in an attempt to create a sidebar and such on the blog, I screwed things up royally and made it impossible to blog the debate, which turned out to be OK because I got embroiled in a huge, boring controversy at home and had to work that out, so during the debate I was busy writing notes of apology and consolidating coalitions and other such political nonsense.

In any case, I enjoyed the debate, obviously, and I thought the fairly obvious result was Kerry UD 12 Bush, which of course has been turned by the press into something resembling a 5th-round TKO because a knockout always makes a better story than a clear but competitive decision.

The big problem now for Bush is akin to that which faces a Sonny Liston or a Tyson who has just suffered a defeat at the hands of some guy who was expected to just roll over and play dead. These guys make their living only partially on talent (Tyson is without any question among the most overrated fighters in history), making up the difference with an air of malevolent invincibility, like Terminator in a meat suit.

So now Bush has sort of showed that yes, he is human, he gets bothered, confused, impatient, frustrated, sometimes doesn't have his facts straight, etc. Which is not news to anyone who wasn't seeing the guy in soft focus, but that's a big part of his support base.

On the other side of things, you don't want to oversell this win as more than it is. As Affleck-as-Carville put it on SNL this weekend "John, you beat George Bush in a talkin' contest." Not exactly Clay TKO 8 Liston.

Now is the time to hit Bush with something really sticky and unfair, to see how he responds. Bush exists in something of a reality vacuum, but he knows he's had a setback now. A couple of well-placed scurrilous rumors could really push King George off the deep end. I'll be on the edge of my seat.


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