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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

A letter-writer to the New York Times triggered an interesting thought in my skull this morning. It's now somewhat understood, at least among reasonable people, that the people of Iraq are not right now better off than they were under Saddam Hussein. However, there is still a hard core of war supporters who still believe that Iraq under no real domestic leadership, with an active resistance movement (without a domestic government, you can't really have an "insurgency") and a collapsed economy is still a better place to live than the dictatorship of Saddam.

You would think that would be a matter of judgment, but like Butch Davis' heady fake field goal call (which happened to fail, but it's still the percentage play, contrary to the illogical blatherings of just about everybody) against the Slurs Sunday, you can actually demonstrate logically that this is not the case.

The reason you can do this in the case of Iraq is that practically the whole region is run by plutocratic dictatorships who arrest political opponents, preside over unfair, brutal judicial systems, and strangle any independent social movements that arise. Not as bad as Saddam, probably, but in the same ballpark, particularly if you happen to be an opponent of the ruling family.

So here's a question for folks who refuse to concede that Iraq, right now, is not a better place to live than under Saddam - how many citizens of Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, UAE, or Qatar are at the visa office right now trying to relocate to Iraq? How long is that line, do you think? Anybody?

[Crickets chirping.]


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