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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

From Sophia: an article about Bush's code-speak for the religious right.

I haven't spent enough time talking about the basic balancing act of presidential politics - you speak to the middle and wink at the base. In Bush's case, he seems to be speaking to the base and winking at the lunatic fringe, but that may just be a result of the right wing starting to believe its own press.

Actually, Kerry is better than most Democrats at this skill. His offhand mention of atheists in the second debate is a good example. I notice third-party voting is polling at a miniscule number, and that's a testament to the fact that both these guys are doing their jobs on the wink front.

This also from Sophia. I know there are a few folks who read this blog who are soft Republican voters, and I will probably take several opportunities like this one to call your attention to the idea that if you actually take a look at the actions in which the Republicans engage (as opposed to their words) you might wind up feeling pretty filthy about yourself. Now You can probably convince yourself, if you try hard enough, that black vote suppression isn't an important part of Republican electoral strategy, that right-wing think tanks and loss-leader right-wing newspapers exist to improve the discourse and not to intentionally pollute it, that the RNC is not involved in DOS attacks against websites run by Democrats, that Texas Republicans did not steal the Texas legislative elections with illegal fundraising in a cynical ploy to gerrymander Texas in favor of their own narrow political interests, that South Dakotan Republicans haven't been systematically defrauding thousands of American Indians of their right to vote, that Dick Cheney did not hold secret energy meetings in which companies with close ties to the administration were promised lucrative contracts resulting from a war whose causus belli (which was specious in any case) had not even happened yet, that Republican oil men in the White House did not help Enron and other Texas companies defraud California out of billions of dollars through market-rigging schemes, and that there has not been a one hundredfold increase in pork-barrel spending added in conference committees since the Republicans took over both houses of Congress.

I know you can convince yourself that these things aren't really true, and that even if they were, they don't mean you ought to vote for a Democrat. But I'm going to at least make you do the calculation every couple of days.


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