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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

So, Vampire Elf has finally gotten his opening salvo up, post-deadline but not ridiculously so. All in all, an interesting defense, and one that takes the debate in the direction in which I had originally planned, before I was seized by a sudden fit of unwarranted charitableness.

[On edit - the REAL location of Vampire Elf's remarks is at ]

I had intentionally left out the Card-Krueger episode out of respect for the fact that Vampire Elf is not a totally predictable right-wing hack boy, but of course in this case VE decided to go ahead and align himself with, among other folks, "Ph.D economist David R. Henderson." The Elf thought he should throw the Ph.D part in there, just in case you've never heard of Mr. Henderson, an ignorance for which you could be forgiven, since to call Henderson "fringe" would be an insult to Western apparel.

I'll deal with this in more depth in my rebuttal, but for anyone following this, I'd suggest in the meantime you think about one of the key implications in Vampire Elf's opening remarks - that the entire mainstream economic consensus on the impact of the federal minimum wage was completely altered by a single study, ten years ago, and has continued in that direction ever since, solely on the basis of this one study, which has been substantially discredited.

Many readers are thinking, "Hmm. Maybe there's more to this story..."

Fear not, Dear Reader. The rest of the story will be up by Friday.


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