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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

While I was on vacation, I got an email from my Uncle Carlos. Carlos is the evil genius of my mother’s side of the family, a razor-witted, wild-eyed rocket scientist meandering through middle age sucking down cosmopolitans in a shadowy compound somewhere in central Florida. Little is known about what he truly does for a living, but it has long been assumed in the family that if and when the nation-state system finally crumbles and the human race is reduced once again to tribal warfare, Carlos, more than any of his myriad siblings, will provide us with a significant ace in the hole.

In any case, Carlos was writing to alert me to the fact that Patrick Buchanan has an article on World Net Daily that tracks with my Tenet/Chalabi/Passion of the Neocons story arc. I guess I should feel bad about this, since Buchanan is a racist, soulless minion of hell, but instead I'm loving it, since Pat, despite his shortcomings and his recent fall from prominence, is a big-time player.

One request - after linking to WND, please do not click through to any ads, no matter how ridiculous or hilarious the advertised product seems to be, as this may help WorldNetDaily financially in some way. I can live with being nominally aligned with one of the great dirty political operatives in the history of man, but if I knew my readers were keeping WND's board in bad suits, I'd have to jump off a cliff.


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