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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Well, they didn't get my story in today because they had to run a bunch of shit about Reagan. Blah. I keep thinking I ought to do a Reagan thing, but I'm of the mind that, except in rare cases, the moment when someone dies is not the right time to say a bunch of mean shit about them.

And I really have very little good to say about Reagan. Krugman does a nice job comparing the Gipper favorably to George W. Bush, but that's a backhanded compliment if I ever saw one, considering Bush has run up record deficits and has absolutely nothing to show for it, has blundered away significant tactical advantages in two wars, presided over a botched coup in South America, and is generally the worst president since the invention of television.

Since I feel that it would merely be damning with faint praise to say that Reagan was preferable to Bush because he ran up only moderately crippling deficits which actually helped the economy, did a nice job standing there looking presidential as the Soviet Union collapsed, mostly succeeded in his extensive meddling in the Southern Hemisphere, and was probably not one of the top ten most dangerous pathological liars to work out of the Oval Office, I will instead say nothing.

Don't you admire my restraint?


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