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Thursday, June 03, 2004

OK, I'm excited now. The Senate is where it's at. Quick lineup, then I have to run off to have my joints examined to see why my entire body feels like Arvedas Sabonis' knee.

Illinois - (D) Barack Obama vs. Jack Ryan (R)

This race is a pick 'em, maybe leaning Obama right now. Obama will need to make his money in Chicago, with Ryan hustling to catch up in the rest of the state. Ryan's big weakness is a high-profile divorce.

Louisiana - (D) Two-headed monster vs. Tender Vittles (R)

I can't remember the guy's real name. Something like Vittles. Anyway, Louisiana races are always interesting to watch because they have runoff elections. So Vittles is going to win the first race because the dems are running two guys, but then the runoff should lean Democratic. If the Senate winds up 50-49 after November 2 (a distinct possibility) this race could take on national significance.

Colorado - (R) Pete Coors vs. Pete Coors (R)

This one is going to be all about Coors. Basically, can he shake the perception that he's just some rich bigot who makes crappy beer that tastes like diluted canola oil? Signs point to no.

Pennsylvania - (R) Arlen Specter vs. (Nazi) Pat Toomey

Actually, Specter already held off Toomey for the Republican nomination, but it was a bitter contest that may have left Specter alienated from his Republican base. Turnout will be the key in this one, and Specter stands to be hurt in that category by Kerry's strength in Pennsylvania.


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