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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

At the risk of sort of exposing myself, let me point you to this article on From the Wilderness.

Read the story and you get a pretty good sense of the storyline I'm working from in my Tenet vs. the Bush Administration story arc. Basically, it's a wild conspiracy theory, and when you read it on From the Wilderness, it comes off as such. There's factual evidence to support the theory, but there are major holes. Don't get me wrong, I believe this is what is happening, for the most part, but there are several alternative explanations that also fit the facts.

The key problem on FTR is the earnestness of the story. If you're going to espouse huge conspiracy theories about the CIA fighting the White House with Justice caught in the crossfire, etc. etc., you have to have an edge. Pretend like you don't care. World going to hell, ha ha, let's drink some gin and play Scrabble.

That's what Hunter S. Thompson did for us. He taught us how to really get at the real absurdity and monstrosity of life on earth without coming off as a dangerous crank.

On second thought, perhaps I'm giving both of us too much credit. I guess to most people, the Good Doctor and I are, in fact, dangerous cranks. Oh, well. Scrabble anyone?


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