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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Yesterday's White House briefing had some funny moments. My favorite:

Q But does the President believe that he was informed by Rumsfeld in a timely manner about these photos?

MR. McCLELLAN: Well, I pointed out to you that after Secretary Rumsfeld became aware of it, he informed the President about it at a later time.

I've read that 8 times, and it's funny every time. Sometimes I feel bad for Scott McClellan. How must it feel to have to get up and say stupid shit like this? It's like if you were told you have to say at least five times a day "I think that what's really sad about all of this is, it's the children that suffer." Could you live with how stupid and banal everyone would think you were? I couldn't.

Imagine if your boss asked you a question like this.

Boss: Did Jenkins inform you about the theft in a timely manner?

You: Well, Jenkins found out about it at some point, and he informed me some time after that.

[a pause]

Boss: What?

You: Well, as I mentioned, I was informed some time after Jenkins found out, because he was the one who informed me, so some time after he found out, I was informed.

Boss: Are you from outer space? Are you a complete idiot? You're fired. Get the fuck out of here, you ridiculous, jabbering waste of flesh!

I'm throwing this out there for all the White House press that read this blog - any White House Press member that calls Scottie Mac a "ridiculous, jabbering waste of flesh" to his face, I will spend the rest of my life worshipping you.


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