Deep Underground with Raul Groom

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

It's happening. The right wing is cracking up. Pat Buchanan is on TV openly calling Bush a pussy for not nuking Fallujah. Robert Samuelson is engaged in the journalistic equivalent of covering his ears and singing Mary Had a Little Lamb. George F. Will has cut Bush completely loose. Chuck Hagel is all over the TV positioning himself for a run for the Presidency in 2008 by cricizing Bush's failed policies.

Even David Frum can't find a serious answer to the fact that his favorite Iraqi Ahmed Chalabi is apparently stabbing Frum and all the other neocons in the back and has started cozying up with Iran, leaving Cheney and Rumsfeld out in the cold. He stalls in the National Reivew with this fluff piece about how the State Department is secretly a bunch of Iranian sympathizers.

The right wing is collapsing under the weight of all of its contradictions. If the Democrats are really in it to win it, they should start kicking the conservative movement right now, while it's down. I'm waiting.


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