Deep Underground with Raul Groom

Friday, May 28, 2004

A great big Raul Groom welcome to all 11 people that visited the blog today. If, indeed, it was 11 separate people and not one person refreshing the site 11 times. I wonder how many of you are just my friends who I browbeat into reading my columns. Probably a lot of you, huh? All of you? Crap.

Anyway, if there's anyone here who doesn't know me personally, go ahead and drop me some hate mail at I just need to know that someone, somewhere is reading this blog. Please.

Wow, I've sunk to Wil Wheaton levels. Seriously, check out the part where he's begging the B-list celebrity hockey team to let him play with them again. You could make this shit up, but thanks to Wil, you don't have to.


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