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Friday, April 30, 2004

The Friday Blog

OK, here's my rundown of all the yammering and blathering and other inanity that went on in our vaunted free press this week.

First, there's the very important story of what is being called the Fallujah agreement. Go ahead and read about it. No seriously, go read it. Get all the details. OK. Done?

Let me run down the nuts and bolts of this "agreement:" The Marines get out of Fallujah. Some of Saddam's generals get to raise an army and be in control of the city. We get nothing.

This is an agreement? This sounds like "losing." Basically we're saying "OK, we lost. We're leaving in disgrace. Sorry about the 1000 or so people we killed for no reason."

Now, I'm pretty torn on what to root for in Iraq. But this seems pretty much like the worst of all worlds. We inflame tensions in an important Iraqi city. We make a lot of threatening noises like we're going to go in and kill everybody. We bomb some mosques. Then suddenly we pack up and leave and put Saddam's goons in charge again. They say "Oh yeah, we'll take care of the insurgents, don't worry."

I hate to sound like a broken record here, but what exactly is the plan in Iraq? You've heard my plan - get the fuck out now. Lots of people seem not to like my plan. So let's see a better plan. Hustle it up, people. Time is money.

Second, Bush and Cheney finally appeared before the 9/11 commission and said, well, we don't know. There was no television. There was no transcript. Somebody took notes, but Scottie Mac wouldn't even answer questions about whether the guy knew shorthand. Apparently the number and identity of White House officials who know how to write real fast is an important state secret. I could link to a story here, but there's really no point. We don't know.

Third, you should read Paul Krugman. Not just this one. Generally, all the time. Is he that great? No. On an incisiveness scale from David Brooks to Noam Chomsky, I'd say he rates about a 5. But that's pretty good for a columnist at a major paper.


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