Deep Underground with Raul Groom

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

OK, now it's getting weird. For some reason, the Sierra Leone People's Democratic League issued a call for Aristide's ouster on February 20th. One of the key reasons they cite for ousting Aristide is that he's hired Executive Outcomes to terrorize people. That's strange for two reasons. One, as I mentioned, EO was disbanded in 1999. Two, EO basically split into several companies at that point, Saracen, based out of Angola, and LifeGuard, based out of, you guessed it, Sierra Leone.

Here's what's weird, though. The PDL is supposedly a radical leftist organization, super anti-Zionist, etc. So how did they come to be on the cutting edge of the anti-Aristide propaganda machine? I wish I could give you a theory on that one but it's a total mystery to me.


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