Deep Underground with Raul Groom

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Now we're getting closer to the story. The latest from South Africa is that the big cheese on board the seized plane was a guy names Simon Witherspoon, who is listed in the article as being an employee of Executive Outcomes.

That's a little misleading - EO doesn't exist anymore. Much more likely is that the mercenaries are employees of Saracen, an EO subsidiary that is very active in Angola, where several of the mercs are apparently from, including the ones who have been arrested in Equatorial Guinea. So that casts some doubt on the MPRI connection, which in turn suggests the U.S. government isn't involved at all. Which is good, I guess, though it makes it a less interesting story.

I hate to do this, but I feel I have to point this out - in my research, I have discovered that firms like MPRI and Saracen have a reputation among White Supremacists as a good place to sign up if you are interested in killing black people. Chilling.


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