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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

A bit more on the Mystery Plane - seems to raise even more interesting questions.

1) State says it's all Africans, no U.S. nationals. I believe that. But that doesn't necessarily mean they aren't working for us.

2) This part strikes me as an evasion - "Dodson director Robert Dodson said new owners were entitled to use old registration numbers for six month after sale." That may be, but what he's implying - that a plane doesn't have to be registered under a new owner before the new owner gets to fly it all around creation - seems like a major hole in international security. So he's saying if I'm CEO of Terrorist Bad Guy Incorporated, and I buy a plane from the Little Sisters of Humility and Meekness, I can fly the plane around for six months pretending it's still full of nuns? That doesn't seem right. If that really is the case, I'm writing John Kerry a letter about that so he can fix it once he's President, since I know this President doesn't give a shit about protecting the country unless he can find a way for it to make his friends rich. Right now I'm remaining skeptical about this explanation.

3) It's strange that more reports aren't mentioning what seems to be the central issue here - this plane took off from a non-international airport and crossed an international border. That's a really serious violation of aviation law, much worse than making a false declaration to customs, which seems to be the operative charge in the U.S. media.

4) I wish my country had city names like Wonderboom.

5) I like this angle on the coup in Equatorial Guinea. It begs the question, though; is it realistic that South Africa would be involved in something like that? Seems more likely that it would be South African nationals in the employ of some multinational with an interest in EG's newly discovered oil reserves. Some multinational like, oh I don't know, Vinnell.

No evidence for this as of now, of course. But it adds up. More to come.


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