Deep Underground with Raul Groom

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Oops. Raul Groom went a little TOO deep underground there for a little while. So far underground, he couldn't reach his keyboard. I haven't posted a thing in weeks, and it's been almost a month since my last DU article. Part of the "problem" is that I've been very productive at work the last month or so... I'm moving toward a line of work that actually is very interesting to me, and moving away from fixing printers and other mundane garbage. This requires me to do a lot of reading and studying about DLCI's and LMI and VLSM and other initials that make no sense to anyone at all, and prevents me from reading the news very much or writing long-winded, half-baked opinion pieces for partisan online magazines.

Speaking of mundane garbage, I'm appalled at the stupidity and blandness of the nonetheless gratifying implosion of the Bush Administration. It's like reading a really dry book about world war II. You know that what's being described is exciting, horrible, transcendent, but it just comes across like the journalistic equivalent of so much dry rice cake.

You know why? Well, the reasons why are pretty complicated. But this is a blog. We simplify. The reason why our press can't seem to find its voice in describing the depth of the cravenness and depravity of the Bush Administration is that they can't bring themselves to really cross the rubicon and change the fundamentals of The Story.

All along, Bush was supposed to be this well-meaning but kind of simple dude who sort of ambled along into the presidency and tried to do his best, but maybe wasn't so good at it. Then, after September 11th, Bush was transformed into a sparkling paragon of executive trusteeship, stewarding the country through difficult times and making the tough choices that had to be made to protect the country.

Now that story seems a little worn, and we need a new script. After all, we can't have Campaign 2004 without a script. So we're casting around for a new character for Little George to inhabit. Unfortunately, it is very difficult... VERY difficult, to reconcile Bush's behavior both as President and before he was inaugurated with anything resembling the picture painted above. To really tell this story, the press is going to have to start over from scratch on describing to us who, exactly, this man really is, and what he is up to.

Are the intrepid watchdogs of our Fourth Estate up to such a task, ladies and gentlemen? We shall see. In these crucial coming months, we shall see.


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