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Monday, January 12, 2004

Well, the shit certainly has hit the fan with Suskind's O'Neill book. I can't post anything terribly long today, but here's my two cents:

Now we know why Cheney's energy meetings had to be so secret. They were divying up Iraq among all the energy companies in attendance.

Serious people would do well to go back and read this document. Pay close attention to the signatories - particularly one Kenneth Lay.

The pieces are all falling into place. I'll try to blog out a complete timeline by the end of the month, bit by bit. There's a lot there, but I think it's all in the open now. Bush election in 2004 is at 5-1 and falling, but you could get a lot of degenerates to lay down at even money, so if you're making book, that's my line for now.


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