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Friday, January 16, 2004

Well, it looks like power-horse John Kerry might pull it off after all. I've thought about this eventuality over the course of this week, and I've decided I'm happy about it. Sure, I would have liked for my speed-horse Dean to stick it out, but Kerry is a very good candidate and he'll make a great president. I'll be proud to vote for him in the general election, should he take the nomination.

In fact, if Kerry does win the nom, particularly if he wins big, it makes me think his team really knows what it's doing, and that he's got it under control. They seem very disciplined and professional. The more I see of this campaign the more excited I am about it. Go Dean, but if not Dean, Go John Kerry!

A lot of Dean's people are going to be really dejected if someone else takes it, but you have to look at the positives that came of this - Dean really changed the conventional wisdom and showed that, rather than some tiny fringe of leftists, the Democratic party's activist wing is an important ideological base that will be ignored at the party's peril. It's sad we needed Dean to show us that after Al Gore and Holy Joe abandoned the base in 2000 and lost* to possibly the worst presidential candidate in history.

And that's speaking as someone who get very emotionally invested in Dean. I've always been a sucker for speed horses - my first gambling loss was a play on a horse named Rocket Guitar in a long race on grass when my dad took me to Pimlico when I was a kid... He was trading at 8-1 at post time, and I had five bucks on him to win - putting me in the market for a $40 payoff, a fortune for me at the time. RG burst out of the gates and torched the field by about 8 lengths until the final turn, at which point he proceeded to fall into the void, finishing out of the money entirely.

The point is, I'm not sorry I bet on Rocket Guitar. It was an exciting race, and a day I'll never forget. And I don't think any of us will ever forget Howard Dean, even if he fades into obscurity.

Just as long as I don't have to vote for a fucking General.


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